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Parenting (Fall 2016)

 Topic  Downloads
 Getting to the Heart of Behavior  Handout
 You're in Charge  Handout
 Your Child's Development: Shaping Influences  Handout
 Your Child's Development: Godward Orientation  Handout
 Examining Your Goals  Handout
 Discarding Unbiblical Methods  Handout
 Embracing Biblical Methods: Communication  Handout
Embracing Biblical Methods: Appeal to Conscience, Life of Communication  Handout
 Embracing Biblical Methods: The Discipline Process  Handout
 Shepherding Children Ages 0-5  Handout
 Shepherding Children Ages 6-12  Handout
 Shepherding Teens  Handout


Baptism (Summer 2016)

 Topic  Downloads
 A Theology of Baptism  Notes
 When Should My Child Be Baptized?  Notes


Singleness and Dating (Spring 2016)

 Topic  Downloads
 Singleness: Identity, Gift, and Freedom Notes 
 Singleness: Relationships and Contentment  Notes
 Dating: Asking the Right Questions Early  Notes
 Dating: Moving Towards Engagement

 Notes      Audio

 Dating: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  Notes